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About Urdu and Pashto Language

Urdu is spoken by more than 70 million people across the world. It is an official language of Pakistan and one of the major languages spoken in India. Additionally, it is also spoken by Urdu-speaking communities in various countries around the world.

Pashto, on the other hand, is spoken by over 51 million people worldwide as their mother tongue. In Afghanistan alone, there are around 52 percent of total Pashto speakers, and it is an official language. It is spoken in the Pashtun region, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan in Pakistan, and various provinces in Afghanistan.

Urdu and Pashto are two distinct languages. Urdu belongs to the Indo-Aryan language and is mostly spoken in the Indian subcontinent. Pashto belongs to the Eastern Iranian language group and is spoken in the Pashtun region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In terms of grammar, Urdu follows a subject-object-verb sentence structure, while Pashto follows a subject-verb-object sentence structure. For example, the sentence “I eat an apple” would be translated as “Main seb Khati hoon” in Urdu, whereas in Pashto, it is translated as “Za seb khaam”. Additionally, these languages also differ in terms of verb placement, pronouns, plural forms and pronoun agreement.

Despite these differences, both languages have the same similarities as well. For instance, both Urdu and Pashto use honorifics to show respect when addressing elders. In Urdu, the honorific "janab" (جناب) is used to address someone respectfully, while in Pashto, the honorific "khaan" (خان) is used. For example, instead of calling someone "Ali" in Urdu, you might use "Janab Ali" to show respect, and in Pashto, instead of "Ahmad," you might use "Ahmad Khan".

In addition to their languages, Pakistani and Afghan cultures also share several similarities. These include showing respect for elders, celebrating festivals and special occasions, wearing traditional clothing such as the shalwar kameez, and food.

Key Features of Our Translation Software

  •   Easy and Instant Translation:

    You can easily translate Urdu words, sentences and phrases into corresponding Pashto.

    For E.g.

    Typing "پاکستان اور افغانستان میں اردو اور پشتو دونوں زبانیں بولی جاتی ہیں، اردو پاکستان کی سرکاری زبانوں میں سے ایک ہے اور پشتو افغانستان کی سرکاری زبان ہے۔" in Urdu will be converted into "په پاکستان او افغانستان کې اردو او پښتو دواړه خبرې کیږي، اردو د پاکستان یوه رسمي ژبه ده او پښتو د افغانستان رسمي ژبه ده."

    You can also use this software as a dictionary to convert Urdu to Pashto.

    For E.g.

    ثقافت meaning in Pashto will be "کلتور"
    منفرد meaning in Urdu will be "بې ساري"
  •   Multi Platform Support:
    Our translator is supported on all major platforms from Desktop, to Apple iPhone and Samsung / Xiaomi Readmi Android devices.
  •   High Accuracy Rate:
    As our Pashto to Urdu translation software uses Google API, it is much more accurate than other websites which use their own in-house or Yandex or Baidu Translation API.
  •   Multi Language Translation:
    Use our website for translating between Urdu and many other languages. Some of them are:

    Pashto To UrduUrdu To PashtoUrdu To SindhiUrdu To PersianUrdu To Punjabi

  •   FREE and Unlimited Translation:
    Like our online Urdu typing, our new translation tool is 100% free. In addition, you can make unlimited requests. However, we have placed a few restrictions to prevent abuse from bots making huge and multiple translation requests.

Frequently Translated Commonly Spoken Urdu to Pashto Phrases

Hello. / Hi.
ہیلو. / ہیلو
سلام. / سلام.
How are you?
آپ کیسے ہو؟
تاسو څنګه یئ؟
I am fine. And you?
میں ٹھیک ہوں. اور آپ؟
زه ښه یم. او ته؟
What is your name?
آپ کا نام کیا ہے؟
ستاسو نوم څه دی؟
My name is Abdul.
میرا نام عبدل ہے۔
زما نوم عبدل دی.
I am pleased to meet you.
تم سے مل کے خوشی ہوی.
زه له تاسو سره په لیدو خوښ یم.
Thank you.
له تاسو مننه.
You are welcome.
آپکا خیر مقدم ہے.
تاسو ښه راغلاست.
برائے مہربانی.
Excuse me. / Sorry.
معاف کیجئے گا. / معذرت۔
بخښنه غواړم. / اوبخښه.
Today is a nice day, isn`t it?
آج ایک اچھا دن ہے، ہے نا؟
نن یوه ښه ورځ ده، سمه ده؟
Where are you from?
آپ کہاں سے ہیں؟
تاسو د کوم ځای یاست؟
Do you live here?
کیا تم یہاں رہتے ہو؟
ته دلته اوسېږې؟
Do you like it here?
کیا آپ کو یہ یہاں پسند ہے؟
دلته یې خوښوې؟
Yes, I like it here.
ہاں، مجھے یہ یہاں پسند ہے۔
هو، زه دلته خوښوم.
How long are you here for?
آپ یہاں کب سے ہیں؟
تاسو د څومره وخت لپاره دلته یاست؟
I am here for three days / weeks.
میں یہاں تین دن/ہفتوں کے لیے ہوں۔
زه دلته د دریو ورځو / اونیو لپاره یم.
Where are you going?
آپ کہاں جا رہے ہیں؟
تاسو چیرته روان یاست؟
How old are you?
آپ کتنے سال کے ہو؟
ته څو کلن یې؟
What is your occupation?
تمھارا پیشہ کیا ہے؟
ستا بوختيا څه ده؟
Useful Urdu Phrases ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Transliteration and Translation?

Transliteration is a process of transferring similar-sounding words from one language to another. To give you an example, typing “Aap se Mil Ke Khushi Huwi“ will be transliterated into “آپ سے مل کر خوشی ہوئی“.

Whereas, translation is a process of converting the written word from one language to another. For E.g. converting text written from Urdu to Pashto.

How does Urdu to Pashto translation works?

Our online translation software uses either Google, Microsoft, or Yandex to translate word, sentence, and phrase from Urdu to Pashto.

Whenever you enter words, sentences, or phrases in Urdu and click on the “Translate” button, our software sends a request to Google, Microsoft, or Yandex for translation.

Their backend system uses some of the cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Web APIs, Big Data, etc to perform higher quality translations, and send back the response in Pashto.

All this process just takes a split second.

Can I download this translation software?

At a moment you can only use our Urdu to Pashto translator online.

However, you can download and install Google Translation Chrome extension tool on your Google Chrome browser.

With this, you can either translate the entire page you are browsing by clicking the translation icon on the browser toolbar. Or, you can also highlight and right-click the section of the text, and click on the “Translate” icon to get the translation result in a language you have chosen from the drop-down menu.

Why is the translation not accurate?

Our Urdu to Pashto translation software uses automated machine-language technology provided by Google or Microsoft. As humans are not involved, in some cases it will miss the context and cultural nuances of the language.

Having said so, our translator is useful for those who need help framing the sentence and get a general idea of what the sentence or phrase is conveying the message. With little modification, you can get near to perfect translation. We have also embedded Urdu to Pashto transliteration, with a help of which you can easily edit, modify or add Urdu to Pashto text.

Furthermore, the Google and Microsoft Translation API is evolving every day and as time goes by the translation result is going to be pretty accurate.

Is it FREE?

Yes. Our translator is 100% free.

However, we have few restrictions in place to ensure that robots or automated software are not abusing our service.

At any time you can translate up to a maximum of 500 characters per request. But you can make unlimited requests provided that you don’t misuse our software.

How can I translate Urdu (اردو) text on image or picture?

You can use third-party services, such as Yandex to translate words or sentences embedded in images or graphics.

Alternatively, if you are using a smartphone, you can download the Google Translate app that allows you to translate a picture. For this, you need to give Google Translate access to your camera. Once this is done, you can open the Google Translate app and tap on the Camera icon to translate any text on the picture.

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